UNIS | Technical Expertise
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Electronics, Wireless Communication, Internet Applications, Mobile Technology

Unis’ technical expertise in this field is strengthened by the firm’s unique experience in patent monetization. Unis is currently assisting Korea’s largest telecom company, Korea Telecom, in their bid to monetize several hundred of their patents. We also advise them on prosecution strategies, infringement findings and claim charting, patent ratings, standard matching, IP marketing, as well as negotiation and sales.

Hydraulics, Construction Equipment, Automotive, Mechatronics, Hybrid Automobiles, Telematics

As the primary IP counsel for the Volvo Group for more than two decades, Unis has in-depth and extensive knowledge and intelligence in this technology. Not only assisting the client in prosecution matters, Unis is also actively involved in implementing critical policies and projects including infringement analysis, invalidation evidence research, and freedom-to-operate investigations.


Chemistry, Chemical Engineering

Unis’ strong chemical team is led by former Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology research engineer Sujin Kim who has handled numerous chemical cases for Fortune 500 companies during her 20 years as a patent attorney. She received considerable attention from legal and industrial circles in Korea by successfully arguing a precedent-setting case “Sinorchem vs. Flexys” in the Korean Supreme Court. This case was also litigated in the US International Trade Commission (ITC) and the US District Court in Ohio as well as in China.

Display Devices, Touch Panel, Semi-Conductor, MPEG, Software

Working closely with worldwide market leaders in this technology in their patent protection in Korea, Unis has in-depth technical expertise.